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Media Bistro July 2013

Media Bistro
May 2013

New York Social Diary April 2013

Media Bistro
March 2013

LA Times May 2012

Sun Sentinal May 2012

Accounting Today March 2012

15 Minutes Magazine

15 Minutes Magazine September 2012

OK Magazine September 2011

 New York Social Diary   July 2011

New York Post June 2011

New York Post June 2011

New York Times May 2011

New York Times June 2011

New York Times June 2011

People Magazine September 2011

US Magazine  September 2011

Wall Street Journal May 2011

Wall Street Journal July 2011

Wall Street Journal September 2011

Panache Magazine May 2010

Special Events Magazine August 2006

Stuff Magazine  August 2006

Talkies  September 2006





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