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Bravo, on the job well done on the Easter Parade at The Plaza. It was a wonderful event, and I appreciate the time and effort that you put into making it such a special day.

Ivana M. Trump

…thank you and your staff for the extraordinary job you did in organizing and coordinating all the events for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial dedication and parade this week…I was proud to be a part of this memorable event.

Donald J. Trump

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As I reflect back over what were twelve glorious years as Mayor of the greatest city in the world, one of the greatest moments of my tenure in office was the dedication of the wonderfully evocative Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and the emotional parade the next day across the Brooklyn Bridge and down the “Canyon of Heroes.” It was your efforts that made this possible, and it is I who salute you for your selfless service.

I thank you, too, for the executive summary of the activities and accomplishments of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, which I assure you I will read with interest. And I especially want to thank you for your very lovely gift, which I will treasure. You honor me, as you have honored your comrades in arms and the people of the City of New York.

— Edward L. Koch, MAYOR

It was so great seeing you on Monday (although briefly in the craziness). You are the best and THANK YOU for everything!

          -- Eric F. Trump



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Congratulations on getting such a ‘really big’ shindig together, I hope it all goes well.

Neil Armstrong

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Thank you for all your efforts in making last night’s party a huge success. The Peninsula, Champagne Taittinger and Caviarteria did a magnificent job. It was really a splendid evening and as usual, you are the perfect hostess! You were truly great – always have been and always will be.

— Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

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I must tell you that I thought that the Walpole Committee Queen Elizabeth 2 event was outstanding in its every element of presentation, organization and implementation. Of course, the QE2 was a unique facility for such a presentation, but it was the way you and your colleagues did it that made it the outstanding success that it was. It goes without saying that I was absolutely delighted not only to receive such an award, but also in such a professional environment. Congratulations to you and your colleagues on such a job well done.

Victor J. Barnett, Office of the Chairman, Burberrys Ltd.

Many thanks for taking the time to help us with our benefit.
Jeremy Irons

…I was very pleased…on the President’s visit, and all the other related activities that you have been involved in recently. Thanks indeed for the job well done.
Mark S. Huntley, Resident Manager, The Peninsula, NYC

Catherine, thank you for including me. What a lovely and amazing evening. Please thank your staff for me for doing such a fantastic job.

Catherine Forbes, New York Pops’
      Young Friends Committee Chair

Thanks, Catherine. You did a fabulous job! Sparkle plenty!

          — Arlene Dahl

You're the best!

          — James L. Nederlander

I always mention you as my mentor and that I learned from the best!!!        

           — Caroline Knop, Simply PR

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